Wolves and coyotes

Wild wyoming
Get the snowmobile
Chase down the wild ones you
have the right
To torment to torture
And ofcourse yes to pursue

Wolves and coyotes chase them crazy
Till they fall just run them down
In cold blood then you can slaughter
In their own warm blood they drown
Its your call they have no license
You dont even need a gun
You can chase and run them down
Its the newest breed of fun

98000 miles of country
Cowboy country its all yours
Mo justification for the elation
Morons welcome to the applause
Ringing in the skulls of many
And your actions all admire
The murdering of wolves and coyotes
And there is increasing fire

In the bellies of so called hunters
The vast wilderness holds store
Do what your wild ancestors did
Just kill more and more
The predators are for the taking
The whole family string them high
Run the pups down hear the squealing
Back and forth and feel them die

No one cares or sees the terror
Infact the rangers want to be
Seeing wolves and coyotes suffering
And there are hunting men who see
A dead wolf as a great occasion
Who see themselves as saviours too
All these creatures unprotected
And the violent acts they all can do

Turn the countryside to carnage
Whole families wiped out and run down
Flattened under four by four wheels
Back and forth they go to town
Overt government policies show us
All the magick and regard
The eradication of these beasts
By the bunter man now starred

In his own movie, one of horror
Thicko’s red knecks they are here
As ignorant as the day is long
Evil fools they just appear
The great wolves of the wide Wyoming
Are worthless it appears that they
Are once again shot down for nothing
Caught and tortured come what may

Eyes dug out relieved of skin
Whilst still alive I have to say
The canids are getting a
Of hunter horror every day
Wolf watchers ofcourse there are many
Who come to Yellowstone to see
Abhoring all this evil killing
On the road the carnage be
The mentality of unlicensed hunters
Spreading havoc everywhere
Laying traps and snares all over
Drawing down on vile despair

Burned with gas and dynamiting
Dens with explosives
That they do
Barbarians and the skyshooters
Watch and wait and slaughter too
Snowmobiles are used a lot here
Chasing and running coyotes flat
Its ofcourse a laugh a minute
Blood and guts is where they are at

Really its a vile expose
Condoned by officials in the know.
thick and lost
No understanding
of Natures role
Its one big show
Darkly skills and soulless yobbo’s
Murdering the wild life who
In yellowstone are clearly valued
By here outside the park
Its true

Running coyotes
Chasing them down
Driving over them
Going to town
Torturing their babies
Thats what they do
This is AMerica
For the hunters who

Kill for the sake of killing

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