Royalty and Corporatism

A golden piano
For our golden oldies
Respect for each other
Grenfell and the rest
Gatwick the drone scare
And BREXIT the nightmare
And ofcourse Mrs May
Negotiator the best!

The queen looked resplendent
Surrounded by grandeur
92 years of regal
Brussels their muscles
And the migrant tussles
And ofcourse Mr Blair
apparently starred

“Long life it brings wisdom”
She ought to know that
Food banks and baby banks
And some sleeping rough
She mentioned paradoxes
so many in boxes
And ofcourse the EU
And how really tough

It is to see a doctor
To get you
Some treatments
For hips or for cancer
With so many here
Taking the places
With just different faces
Illegals probably
And the increasing fear

And tension around us
The fear mongers selling
Our countries sovreignty
For a few bob
Unelected bureaucrats
Making decisions
And liberals in essence
Helping them rob

Our country of its wealth
And the united element
Once we were great
A Britain at war
Now we are beaten
From Glasgow to Seaton
A vassal state
Where most of our law

Is made by the gremlins
In Strasbourg and Brussels
Look at them paid a huge fortune
And they
Look down their nose at us
at our independence
The gory story
Read By Mrs May

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