Of the sea
An intelligence
Second to none
A companion
When the day is done

Lost on the ocean
Ripples and rings
We talk to ourselves
And we know what that brings

Some might say madness
But others know
It brings enlightenment
And with time on our hands
It does grow

MErdol a feminine
Figure perhaps
A companion of sorts
We keep under wraps

Essential and visible
A tangible being

Related inherent
Of all that we see
With an affiliation
A connection there be

Perspective too
A logicality
Its good and true

A clanship perhaps
A relation of sorts
Analogous somehow
Part of my thoughts

Perhaps indistinguishable
In a minds eye
The spitting image
Lets ask ourselves why

A feminine form
A bottlenosed show
Reflections and shadows
Where ever we go

A pantomime figure
A magickal pose
A sort of disguise
That certainly grows

On one whenever the merdol
Comes by
Breaking the surface
Its when our eye
Meets we remember
The inventive soul
Sharing a breath
In itself the control

All dolphins are merdols
All merdols maybe
The mermaids of mariners
When lost at sea

In a bountiful swell
The diminutive one
Creates his inadequacy
Under the sun

Purely minutiae
Under her spell
A sprinkle of imagination
As well

The bottlenose dolphin
A saviour she be
To the mariners sanity
When lost at sea

The bottlenosed dolphins
All those from Taiji
Are actually mermaids

Speaking the feminine
perfect and sure
Who come to the air
Of the drowninga and more

Than that they are hopeful
They champion good
Loyal to their friends
And honestly should

Be protected around the world
For who they be
Not mammals to eat
But souls who can see

The abuse and the cruelty
The madness of man
The evil he hold onto
And why Japan

Is really as heartless
And blinded as well
And its fixation of profit
That it never could sell

It remains a pariah
In so many ways
True gynophobics
Unworthy of praise

Unable to admit to
Their subordinacy
Which in modern day parlance
Becomes heresy.

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