A warrior For certain
A soulful women who
Knows justice and cares vehemently
For all thats good and true
The under dog she is up there
Fighting their corner, she
Really is a carer
Of the first degree

She really loves the countryside
The Natural world is where
Jackie likes to be absorbed
In the country air
The magick of existence
In perpetuity
She is part of creation
With a spirit good and free

Druidic thought
Envelops here
Its what she is about
She is what I call, a women
And really there is no doubt
She is faithful she is kindly
She thinks of Melanie Shaw
You see she walks her talk no messing
Such stuff she can’t ignore

We all have our allotted time
Upon this earth and we
Choose whatever path to tread
And ofcourse, jackie
Gives herself to everything
She is and she likes to share
Her time her love her caring
Because she is aware

And She has a ruddy bloom of hair
And loves the wide outdoors
The standing stones
The goddess notes
She is worthy of applause
Grounded in the essentials
The basic tenets she
Walks her path and the seasons
For that is where she be

A true friend and a thoughtful person
Ready to divulge
Has a penchant for the countryside
And likes to indulge
Her spirit and her caring
Of the earth beneath her feet
Where she puts great value
And just feels so complete

A friend of mine on facebook
A druid who fulfills
The honest path of enlightenment
and as the light force spills
On Nature all those blessings
She shares for all she’s worth
Truly she is a warrior
A warrior on earth

Hapyy Yule my Dear Friend

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