Glasshouse country farms

A little town called Beerburrum
Near the glass house mountains
A slaughterhouse happens to be
Where shit loads of despair
Are seen to be now building
On the sunshine coast
Where the Jinibara
And the Gubbi Gubbi post
Their land its where they came from
And sadly I have to say
To see a place where so much pain
Is created then the way

Forward should be better
But all I see is pain
The pigs are getting slaughtered
And tortured in the main
No respect for the females
For the mothers none at all
Kicked and prodded and beaten
And bashed against the wall

These are caring mothers
They have given birth before
Fed their families
And now their deaths
Are recorded and I am sure
To see them bloody well tortured
To hear them bloody well cry
Whilst yobs are bloody well kicking them
One has to ask just why

Why so much wrongheadedness
Its immorality
A miscarriage of justice
That leads to depravity
And its done in front of other sows
Looking on who know
They are going get the treatment
Soon which is a blow

Their intelligence is that of
Three year old children here
So they know what is happening
For them its very clear
Tortured kicked and suffering
Mothers who have been
Sedated in their gestation crates
Where life is just obscene

This rotten awful slaughterhouse
Employs such spivvery
Louts who are clearly heartless
Dont know how to be
Respectful to great mothers
Who were tortured and who cried
Every hour of every day
And we know how thats denied

But thats because these idiots
Cant see or feel at all
Abusing animals especially females
Really does appal
Such iniquitous behaviour
Its unpardonable for sure
Really reprehensible
That so many do ignore

This their lives of terror
Contempt and mockery
Gibing and expletives
So offhand they be
Despicable behaviour
Real inprobity
And so close to a nature park
This bloody shit hole be

Clearly you sre letting down
Queensland I can say
The sunshine coast
The sun may roast the land
But how pigs pay
An awful price to be engaged
On your bloody farm
BEerburrum just a tiny place
ANd you import the harm

Which now the world can ponder on
Facebook people know
Whats happening in Australia
Really its a blow
For sanity and empathy
To see the cruelty
Happening to poor old sows
Who die in agony.

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