Crashing out

Crashing out
Is what Blairs about
He so crashed in his war
Killing many
Innocent children
And what was that all for?

The tory people sadly
Remoaners at their core
And now theres Blair
Who wants to share
The limelight
Yes once more

He is fading
Like a fallen leaf
His speaking posts
Are less
In Europe he is an
Embittered squib
Seeing Brexit
In a mess

He wants to reclaim
Some honour
Some leadership
He feels
He has the space
To do this
With another of his deals

Crashing out
Its derogatory
We are leaving that is all
We are taking back our borders
And our sovreignty
This fool
Forgets that he is a fallen
Lifeless unadored
A boring rotting
Who infact
Should be outlawed.

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