Badger baiters

Its priority crime
Badger baiting today
Its against the law
When it happens
All pay
The baiters
Their dogs
And the badgers as well
Who mostly are tortured
And treated like hell

Beastly intent
Spitefulness rules
This a blood sport
For sadistic fools
With evil intent
For all animals they
Abuse in this spiteful
And terrible way

Terriers sent down
Into the sett
To flush out a badger
On a possible bet
With locator collars
The dogs can then be dug
Out of the set
For the customary hug

The badger will go for the dogs
Right away
And damage the muzzles
It will be a display
Where the dogs will get bitten
And the badgers they die
Dug out of the sett
And injured for why

So the fight can go on
For a period of time
Often they will break a jaw
Time after time the animals suffer
Terrible pain
And its only the humans
That can ever gain

For their gambling intent
Their merciless ways
Its callous and cold-blooded
As the hackles they raise
The violence is awful
Its an infernal scrap
Of the worst intention
When the badger they trap

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