Agaricus fly a magickal tale for Jan Vlonk

In the far off shrouds
Where great mists and clouds
Were born of forests dark
In September they
Where green ivy’s climb
And where nature gifts
Do stray
Under Birch and Pine
We can see a sign
Of the magickal effect
Amanita muscaria
Grows apparently unchecked

We say unchecked
For the hyphae reach
Is downwards in the earth
Lewis Carroll recalled the fact
And gave His brand of mirth
His hallucinations
Brought Alice to the fore
The shaman in his red cloak
That no one could ignore

It became the wonderland
Where flying Reindeers seemed
To enter the great realms of fate
Possibly live streamed
It all up sitting under
A great Pine tree
And found
The agaricus fly
Its aroma high
Which took him off the ground

A psychotropic vista
Where the Ellyllon might be
Sampling the agaricus
With their faerie butter he
With his imagination
And his wonder-working could
Have been inspired
And all fired up
Feeling just so good

The natural gifts of splendour
The fly agaric they
Are gifts that well up in one’s mind
And In a delightful way
Create the mists of plenty
The starlight disks of hope
The mysterious and enigmatic
Ways to Help us cope

The custom of the pine tree
Decorated by
The family full of joyousness
And Lit up which is why
Gifts are placed below it
As the agaricus might be
A dome of crimson spotted
With its flecks of ivory
So many expectations
An anchor if you will
Good omens for the future
Off the boughs they spill
Lots of speckled baubles
And promise by the score
Imaginative and buoyant
And very very raw

A prettiness an attractiveness
A gracefulness of form
Its where the faeries come to seek
A haven from the storm
MAB may find herself atop
The verdant sprigs of green
Radiant and comely
Like a faery queen

This a tale of wonder
From the forest dark and dank
Where agaricus once wandered
And where we all can thank
All the forests people
For yuletide tales
Even Santa Claus himself
Which to date is underwraps

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