A faerie story

FRom 1650 to 1850
The White Hart coaching Inn
Serviced the routes from
Bath and Bridgewater
Creating quite a din
The stables at the rear
Where the horses took their rest
When all of that was torn down
And the Assembly room
Thought best

Along with shops for retail
So from 1864
The Assembly rooms began
To ply their trade
And what is more
Troubadors from around about
Came to perform and they
Along with the likes of George Bernard Shaw
And Thomas Hardy
In his way
T.E. Lawrence and Alice Buxton
The rich and famous all
Entertained the audiences
Close to the Abbey Wall

And its been thriving ever since
And over the solstice we
Can experience the eco eclectic spacegoats
And ofcourse they be
With the dulcimer and mandola
Bazouki, bells and chimes
Tribal drums and droning
The mood is raised and it climbs
Into the hearts and minds
Of all
Who come to listen they
Can absorb the medieval
And the magickal they say

The reflective and the dreamy
As if a spells intent
The sagacious and the watchful
Bards and minstrels lent
Their syncopation and carrolings
To a mystic sphere
The Spacegoats at full throttle
Are bound to bring a tear
As the lighting draws the lustre
To a dazzling display
Of the softest pigmentation
Heliotropes up and away

In this aura of activity
The fae can often be
Apparent to the consciousness
Dancing somewhat free
The melodies the impact
And the energy they share
Medieval manifestations
Can be everywhere

The child of the Fae is joining them
Her voice has notes of calm
Summoning the solstice
With sweet echoes and pure charm
The witching hour the harvest notes
The seasonal embrace
A voice hangs in a distant wood
And the paleness of her face
Draws that avid spirit
For hear this maiden sigh
Cyclic and pulsating
Such a sweetness on the eye

This energy apparent
A story being told
A certain vulnerablity
In all of this you are rolled
Unconscious for the melodies
Fortuitously create
A story that will honour
A story to relate
A healing the endeavour
The potentiality
And with it comes a staying power
in the ascendancy

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