The passing of “tongki”

A multinational conglommerate
Own me thats to say
I sxist in a concrete bunker
In South KOrea
Each day

Their electronic wizardry
Made no difference to me
They were ignorant
as the day is long
And I was far from free

The summers there were awful
Nobody did care
The algae got into my fur
Lots saw
and aware

But with all their mass of money
They watched me die a death
Fighting in the summer
Just to catch my breath

EVerland Zoo like all zoo’s
We are commodities
Its all about their balance sheet
They will only please

they dont concern themselves
With my peace of mind
No where to forage
And no fresh water
And No where to unwind

I was left alone
For three years now and I
Really lost the will to live
I prayed that I might die

No play no where to forage
Just concrete everywhere
Samsung was my master
My master of despair

Zoo’s are full of selfish
Ignorant people
And they lack
Empathy for wild life
They are just off track

They care just about profit
As for me I was
Dying a little everyday
Really just because

The thought of going on and on
With gawping faces who
Also didnt understand
How I didnt want to view

Their laughter
and their ignorance
Its saddened me more and more
I was an exhibit
Living in the raw

It was great to close my eyes
And drift off to oblivion

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