Poor Bear

A meaningless murder
A huntress doth pose
Close to a bear
Its head I suppose
Almost as big as the women
And she
Ambushed this creature
Till then wandering free

She unaccountable for what she had done
Inexpressible behaviour under the sun
A puzzling end to beautiful soul
Shot down in cold blood
By a mendacious doll
Bating this creature
Ambushing it she
Slaughtered this bear
That we all can see

Just for a photograph
Turgid and forced
This insensitive women
For some reason sourced
A really huge bear
Such a graceless divide
What do these hunters
Have deep down inside

A sickness an insanity
Mindless they be
Gaining enjoyment from the death
All can see
A gloriously handsome
Creature lies dead
With a bloody great hole
In the side of his head

No respect anymore
Afflicted she be
A very sad ending
A catastrophe
The bear has a family
And hunted to death
An insidious habit
Of denying souls breath

She is way wicked
All teeth and cap
A women of action
Just full of crap
She is no warrior
Just an artless refrain
Creating adversity
Her only gain

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