Personal power of thought and mind
And a loyalty thats underlined
A passionate observer she
With moral sensibility
The sunshine coast
Where paradise
fits nicely
And each roll of dice
Displays the sky and ocean wide
And within that light
One must confide
Intentions of the magickal kind
The effusiveness so well designed
To capture spirits everywhere
And Of the earth’s sweet soul
To be aware
Lisa exponent of the craft
Of the Rede and Charge
Upon a raft
of forgiveness
Of the noble cause
To work her magick
And rarely pause

Resourceful with intensity
That rocks the spirits
With such beauty all around us
Are influenced by
Its efficacy
A wildness exists
About our being
And our eyes are ofcourse
All seeing
Beyond the surface
To deeper places
Where possibly much darker faces
Stare out of the darkness
Under the moon
That lights the land
Where Kangaroo’s feed
Mobs awake
And nothing about them
Is ever fake

Magickal beings of the night
Stalwart members
When they take flight
Their hearts a pumping
Their eyes on fire
Their ancient wisdom
Doth inspire
Any true soul whose aware
Incited by the rapture there
The ebullient sense of
What we know
And their magick that
Indeed does flow

The pagan heart
Beats longingly
Transcending all sublimity
Within our grasp
So many things
Light and darkness
Always brings
Its magick to us
When we see
Living beings
Who now be
Sharing the breath
That invokes the power
That creates the worth
From the earth each hour

7 th Of November
A lass I know
A great earth spirit
Whose dreams just flow
Every which way
Every hour
Her quiet times
When her ideas shower
When justice moots
Its when my dear
The wheels turning
When you hear

“Eight words the wiccan rede fulfil
And it harm none do what you will”

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  1. Lisa Ervine on said:

    Thankyou so much Rex for my birthday pressie
    Shall cherish it always

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