“Itsy bitsy”

The equivalent of eighty seven years
Of wealth and care
Almost like the little spider
She was always there
Amicable and kindly
Family she was this
Always a joy to see her
Together she gave us bliss

We loved our little kitty
Every single day
She a little token
That seemingly did say
A valentine a sweetheart
And angel child was she
Growing close beside us
In total harmony

She warmed our hearts
In every way
And did so really
Every day
Lois and I will miss her so
For all of us
We just did grow

Closer together
She did exude
And really we have
Such gratitude
For having found her
And that she stayed
All these years
In our parade

“Itsy Bitsy”
For us she was
A perfect child
And so because
She contributed
So Very much
She was just so right
Always in touch

And though she has passed on
Left our side
Its really been
A glorious ride
Every moment she added so
Very much
That she had to go

Took us to task
And made us cry
Lying still
Really was why
We loved her so much
She was just part
Of Lois and I
Part of our heart

Dear “Itsy bitsy”
Rest sweet dear
Under the rainbow bridge
Your cheer
Heightens the tearful
Captures those
We love you dearly
And glad you chose

Us to be with
To glorify
Our lives completely
Which is why
Our tears remain
And Our hearts do too
“Itsy bitsy we shall
Miss you

A dedication to our loving
Little cat who became part of our family
For such a long time and will remain
With us in thought forever

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