Intensive farming

The balance sheet
And budgets
Is a lot to do with scale
The flesh trade
Stakes its margins
And where it all can fail
Is with numbers
Huge great sheds of animals
Savings all the while
Time is of the essence
And nothings done in style

Life is not a commodity
Although its treated so
Pack the bodies tightly
Yea row after row
Caged and crated
Reducing space
Profit is the thing
Bordering on true cruelty
And what this does bring

Its about intensive rearing
It creates a lot of stress
Its like a concentration camp
Its cumulativeness
Over crowding everywhere
Uncomfortable and wrong
Great gatherings of animals
That really do belong

In brighter larger spaces
But all crammed in the dark
Their habitation alien
And really very stark
Causing abberant behaviour
And aggression tragically
Depriving them of movement
Restraining them as well
Many become disabled
Living with this hell

So much vulnerability
Weakened by it all
Shackled trammelled
Tethered imprisoned as a rule
Restricted cramped and hampered
Corralled night and day
Penned up and impounded
Arrested so to say

Scrimping penny pinching
Heartache all the while
Its just a waking nightmare
Thats hard to reconcile
So much mental torment
A life of purgatory
Prostration and hopelessness
As far as the eye can see

Anguished and angst-ridden
Thoroughly victimized
Harassment and harshness
It must be realized
How animals do suffer
The vagaries of man
Production costs
And overheads
As their life goes down
The pan

Tail docking
Feather picking
Cannibalisation rules
Castration with out painkillers
Teeth clipping using tools
Rusty pliars no veterinary
Just labourers around
Quickening up the line speeds
All Totally unsound

Weeping wailing blubbering
Prosaic and banal
Vapid and insipid
Thats their rationale
Squalid and repulsive
Odious and wrong
Really its beyond the pale
And no one does belong

In this fearful environment
Where trepidation rules
So many bloody hang ups
Lost inside the walls
So much intimidation
Scared out of their minds
Grisly and ghastly
There are all the signs

Of cowering of being tortured
Beaten bruised and kicked
Unconcerned a needlessness
Everywhere so strict
You have to swallow insults
And suffer time and again
Hostility and antipathy
And general disdain

To be one of these creatures
Subjected as we are
To a life time of resentment
Where the yob culture does star
Unlovable and loathsome
Nauseous each day
Nobody can stomach that
Really theres no way

Any soul should have to
Put up with this its wrong
The smouldering resentment
And this is all along
Every hour of every day
Bitchiness all through
The evil eye upon you
And there is nothing you can do

Live exports 18 hours or more
And Transporting in great trucks
No food no water no caring
Only human fucks
Around to give you hassle
Swear at you and try
To kick you and to torture you
As they do walk by

All of them are ruffians
No charity today
No one knows compassion
They are heartless in their way
Callous its relentless
The unfeeling everywhere
The slaughterhouses also
Are just great depths of despair

To be a farmed animal
Its sadism all the way
You are seen as money
And you are made to pay
They are spiteful they are veangeful
Covetous and wrong
This isn’t life creation gave
Us no one should belong

In such a fearful journey
Of dishonesty and hate
Disloyalty and duplicity
Having so to wait
For the next kick and the next bash
And the iniquitous desire
Of slaughterman and the labourers
Who make our sad lives dire

Rules and regulations
Inspections few around
We suffer life is tougher
With each passing hour
The ground
Beneath our feet is filthier
Is bloodier is bad
Whilst our jailers dark degeneracy
Are becoming mad

So many of us suffering
Castration and the rest
This is terrible torture
Malpractice it does test
The legality of being
Condemned for evermore
Cursed with life long punishment
And not knowing what for

Other than death on a rusty chain
And our skin wrenched so
Our legs sawn off
Our blood Does gush
Which flesh eaters do know?
The extent of this vile journey
Our agony is so
Terrible can you hear the screams
Coming from below

As you chew upon our dead flesh
As you breathe our wretched smell
Cooked up in your ovens
The burning fires of hell
Are entering your bodies
Curdling your brains
Now All our pain and agony
Pulsating through your veins

All our tears and misery
The short lives we have had
The agony inflicted
It was just so bad
Kidnapped raped and murdered
Tortured too alas
And cooked up in your salty pans
In what is a dark morass

Of evil and of cancer
Of resentment through and through
You will get your comeuppence
And will suffer too
If only you had been vegan
Less of us would be
Suffering the awful pain
And abject misery

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