“Goodday” a message to my human friend

You became my lifelong friend
My rock yes I can say
From a little puppy dog
I kind of found my way
To me I was clearly wanted
I found you which felt right
And so began our friendship
Where We both shared some light

I was a free spirit
I really loved to roam
Compatible and responsive
But I loved our home
And You well just accepted
My free roaming attitude
We both trusted each other
And our shared solitude

Clearly thought of each other
We didnt have to be
Always in the same room
It was obviously
That which made our friendship
The freedom as a whole
And the tragedy that has come to pass
That rips away my soul

Why would you beat yourself up
About this whole affair
I had had all good days
I was so aware
I wanted to go out at night
And roam about the place
And would have been really upset
If You had not given me the space

Clearly I so loved you
And you were loyal to me
I always came back
Ate and slept
Here was where I liked to be
But I was an adventurer
A warrior of sorts
If You had kept me in at night
Then some of my thoughts

Might have been more negative
Sometimes we have to see
That love and caring and true sharing
Is giving liberty
To those who need to Do their thing
And find their Path abroad
And Ofcourse I might have sufferred
But still felt the reward

Was knowing you and being
In your company for me
I Knew love was always available
When I wanted it to be
True I am gone forever now
But in my heart I knew
You had always been my friend
The one soul that was true.

2 comments on ““Goodday” a message to my human friend

  1. You could understand what he really felt. I felt his reflection was clearly shown in your poem, thank you for understanding his true feelings. Lots of love and stay blessed. Thanks from Goodday as well. ♡

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