Flame throwers

What has to be remembered here
These cows ofcourse they be
Females in the true sense of the word
A catastrophe
Of thinking comes into my mind
The misogyny thats there
Using flame throwers
To burn away
The bits of udder hair

Imagine that a moment
Females standing there
Already they know their babies
Were kidnapped they couldnt share
The milk that was created
For their darling infants who
Were taken away and murdered
And now what do we do

Wanting cold milk on our kellogs
We pay the farmer man
A premium for torture
A patriarchal slam
Dunk Abusing females
In anyway we can
This is what we witness
And should get a lifetime ban

But we want to eat our
Cheese on toast
Or our cadburys milk choc
A flame thrower on ones udders
Gives a nasty shock
And if you remonstrate with them
You get it in your face
This labouring farm hand
Needs a fucking hiding
A disgrace

The sack and then the slammer
Thats where he belongs
Burn his wretched bollock hair
And lets all sing some songs
As he feels the agony
The singeing let it be
Carried out on this dim wit
For an eternity

Too many female animals
Are treated badly they
Are tortured they are murdered
In a patriarchal way
By probably wife beaters
Frustrated rotten males
Who need flame throwers
Down their trousers
And a some stints in the jails

This is the dairy industry
Its cruelty all through
Everywhere you bloody look
Abuse it just pours through
Rape kidnap and murder
And torture everyday
And this is what milk drinkers pay for
This is the milky way

Stop buying all milk products
Stolen from the calf
Whose taken away immediately
Not even a half
An hour goes past remember that
So you can drink the mothers milk
And just get bloody fat

Cows at best live 30 years
So fill your guts with that
Besides its full of pathogens
And pus thats where you are at
When its cold milk on your kellogs
Or in your double cream
Or on your coloured butter
Or your deluxe ice cream

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