Born on a Saturday
Back in the time
When a gallon of petrol
Shows how it can climb
In price now for then
It was 28p
A gallon its hard to believe that
And we

Might go into a pub
Where a nice pint of ale
Would be under 10p
Sounds, a likely tale!
But its true
Then an average sized house
Was £4300
I dare
Say cars cost around
600 quid
Ladies hairdressing £2
The lid
Soon came off of those prices
For now what we pay
Is 50 times more
If we’re lucky

The world
Has moved on
Who’d have thought it
in just fifty years
A baby called Carolyn
Nappies and tears
Through school
And ofcourse still going strong
With your mum on her 900cc
All along
A biker a teacher a druid was she
And you reaching 50
A half a century

A solitary druid
Walking the path
And teacher training
And now the old bath
Road is where the revellers
Have all come to
To share in your wonderment
And it is true

You have had bike training
Wow thats a thing
The whole family bikers
That truly does bring
Into the poem
An exciting twist
an amazing milestone
A motorcyclist

Quiet and unassuming
But clearly profound
Of spirit and mind
Few people around
Have such meditative
And biking too
Happy Birthday dear Carolyn
Happy Birthday to you.

We didnt have face book
Till 2004
And twitter 2006
Yes I’m sure
The formative years
Were libraries and school
No social media
Nothing at all

And Friday’s your birthday
And the Wheatsheaf Hotel
Which is in Leckhampton
So I hear tell
A big celebration
A live band in tow
Happy birthday
Dear Carolyn
Its all go go go

We hope you have a lovely
Party hope to see you there

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