Unearthing doom

A university professor
In Tennessee has said
Fracking can open
A can of worms
And put our need to bed

Thats my interpretation
Written in my words
Dragging ancient bacteria
With fluids
Little birds

Will not be outside tweeting
For germs will probably
Infect us and antibiotics
Will be powerless actually

Frack fluid making bacteria
More potent than before
Released from ancient chasms
To infect us all galore

So its resistent microbes
Via Cuadrilla’s fracking bore
Meddling with nature
Will come back
To destroy our core

This is not science fiction
Its unearthing certain doom
Pulling all these bugs out of
The most ancient of tomb
Already in America
The pain is being felt
The cards have all been shuffled
And the hands have all been dealt

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