Trophy hunting here in the UK

Trophy hunting comes to Bedford
What a great idea
For the Duke of Bedford
To earn some from his deer
£9000 for a big red buck
£3000 if its small
And its hands on conservation
And really that is all

Thats a likely story
Thats if you ask me
All nine species of deer
Can be shot All humanely
The Duke of Bedford says so
You can come without a gun
Even with out a licence
We promise its good fun

THe US Denmark and Finland
are invited It appears
There is nothing more exciting
Than murdering the deers
Their flesh can then be sold off
To the locals and hotels
And make a nice fat profit
Because our venison it sells!

A herd of some 1600
Needs killing every year
They need an optimum number
Apparently thats clear
But what a money earner
if you havent used a gun
No matter there are professionals
When the day is done

Sept 1st through to March 1st
Hunting season

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