Trail hunting a toffs day out

Subterfuge and chicanery
The order of the day
Hunting without killing foxes
Has to be the way
Has to because the law
Has changed
And foxes must not be
Chased around the countryside
By idiots who be

Often tanked on dry fly
By the schooner it is said
On horses with their packs of
Hounds where their instinct
Comes to head
Picking up the wild fox trail
And chasing it about
And finding it and tearing it to bits
Without a doubt

Tally ho its such a blow
To all these twerps in red
Riding freely anywhere
Many off their head
Have you noticed
If an angel happens to come by
The expletives and the venom
My goddess does it fly

If the hounds pick up a real fox
Whilst trail hunting they
Blame that on their instinct
And turn around and say
“Sorry officer we were just trail hunting”
And then they
The dogs picked up a scent it seems
And chased it all the way

Its an excuse to get out there
And do what hunts all do
Kill foxes hares and deers
Given the chance but the law came through
Its banned hunting with dogs
But then the toffs they know the way
Use fox urine and that will get them off
A charge they say

The law is the law and all hunts
Should disband and right a way
No more hunting with hounds no more
Get rid of them okay
Get rid of all the clobber
Close the hunts down they
Are well beyond their sell by date
And need to go away

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