Scottish Wool

The agony of shearing
Comes home to sheep alas
Piece working wages
Frustrated rages
Torture yes enmasse

Scotland land of haggis
Of whisky by the dram
Tbis is how you shear
The sheep
For wool and how you ram

Your feet down on their bodies
Your punches in their face
Afflicted by the scourges
Of the rotten human race

No guarantee of empathy
For those sheep that are sick
Mastitis and foot wounding
You never miss a trick

Pound them with your elbows
Bash them with your heel
Punch them in Between the eyes
Bash them up for real

Their wool you want
and are paid for
Its a minefield for their souls
Unskilful at the shearing
And all without controls

Great wounds appear
And then are stitched
The same rough hand hand we saw
Carry out the injury in the first place
Then ignore

The bleating of the animals
Not a shred of soul
Kick them when they are lying down
Wool sales such a toll

In sales I hope for Scottish wool
Is bloody all the way
Torture excesive spivvery
And this is every day

Its hostile its just an Attack
Combativeness we see
This is grievous bodily harm
Their freedom needs to be

Checked they need a prison cell
To gloat over the pain
They gave out to those innocent sheep
Time and time again

Scottish wool be ashamed

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