Frosty circumstances
And sylph like avenues
Droplets of pure heaven
Samhain collects its dues
From the spirited ancestral path
At the thinning of the veil
The great big door flops open
And so begins our tale

Eternal darkness lost in time
Behold an azure sky
The sunlit boughs of Autumn
And gaping eyes that pry
Into the world of sun kissed droplets
Affectionaly known
A dew a true expression
Of ancestors tears full blown

Searching for the long lost loves
The ultimate refrain
They find their way to a crusty henge
And pay homage once again
To manifest a kindred warmth
For this is where we be
In the West facing the South
Where Chipping looks to see

And feel, the sweetest memories
Of the Cotswold Druids few
Those druids are emboldened
Welcoming all of you
Emerging and reflecting
In the fire light all can see
A shared composition
And A collective reverie

Each epitaph of yearning
Each spirit full refrain
Holding hands in circle
Is inclusive and we gain
Insights into past lives
Of those who came before
We so Feel the ground
Beneath our feet
Of All those who came before

For what we are all here for
To share a bygone symphony
The windthrust and the rain
And be certain that forever
We shall walk this way again
Just to feel the connection
That this gathering creates
A quality from beyond the stars
Which Samhain validates

Will be recited at the Rollright stones
Sunday 4/11/2018

By our Bard

3 comments on “Samhain

  1. Bob Clark on said:

    Had to share. May the stones give you strength. We’re sending you healing energies each morning as the Sun rises here. Bright Blessings.

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