Perry beri

Visiting a fracking site
Whats all that about
CLaire Perry needs no cozying
She is in no doubt
Fracking is the answer
And it must go ahead
And all these grannies
And circus clowns
Should stay put in their bed

It has to be the agenda
All around the world
Forget about the water waste
And all the shit thats hurled
Into the sky
Into local environments
We must
Put up with the noise and risks
No matter how unjust

Negative equity methane contamination
Will suffer in the sacrifice zone
Every single day
But thats the price of energy
Efficency and they must
Suck the awful medicine
Or we will all go bust

Tremors they are minor
Frack water thats no sin
Climate change and fossil fuels
Most of that is spin
The ignorance of the grey suits
Has got us by the short and curlies
And thats how it has to be

Industrialise the countryside
Pollute water and air
if you do not like the sound of that
fuck off somewhere
There will never be a ban
Whilst us tories are in power
And dissenters will be driven back
And just made to cower

In the mental hospitals
Or prisons like before
This country will be energy sufficent
And infact whats more
You lot will just put up with it
For theres nothing you can do
We believe in fracking
And are going to push it through

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