IT was Noah who found her
Upside down on the grass
Swept out of her nest
As it came to pass
By a great hand of wind
And off the tall pine
She fell rolling over
Her life on the line

And there she was
Injured fretful just there
Noah brought her in
She was in some despair
We made her a nest
Fed her and she
Became our best friend
Our adoptee

In Oz they are omnivores
So what we did
Was learn what to feed
Her really in a bid
To save her and thats
What we did in a way
Save her and well
She did not fly away

Well not forever
For she always returned
Clearly this magpie
Was very concerned
With mum Sam and everyone
We let her be
Free as a bird
But in our family

Mum wasnt well
She had sufferred and she
Couldnt walk well
Injured she be
In these circumstances
Hope is a thing
And this little angel
Great joy she did bring

Encouraging us all
In her bird like way
To think on the bright side
And help every day
She would come in at six
She would sleep on our bed
She would sing
She would bring
All the joys yes instead

Of depression of soreness
She gave us hope
One little magpie
She helped us to cope
To see all the good
That is out there today
And to banish the blues
And the sadness Away.

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