Kangaloon and all that

Reactions to madness
Are more madness
From the fools
That imagine that they
Then have the right
To go out at night
And slaughter
The wild life
They say

Madness is now surely rising
And some of these jumped up
Wee folk
Who get it into their heads
In the cover of darkness
To go out and choke

The life out of some of the wild souls
The Roo’s who have done
No one wrong
The government gives carte blanche
Freedom to kill
And the illiterate idiots

And so what we see
On the roadside alas
At East Kangaloon
What is clearly so crass
So evil so ugly
Demented and wrong
Wild kangaroos
Swept away they belong

To a far kinder place
Than what we see today
With such mutilations
And a baby too
Over the cliff
The despicable clan
I despise these guys
Who come up with the plan

To ambush the bush angels
And to create
A picture of sinfulness
All must berate
What is surely wickedness
And iniquity
A madness imagining
How it must be

For these proud kangaroo’s
And fsthat little wee soul
Who ended its days
With the out of control

And the people wake up
To the evil around
When the government opened
The flood gates
We drowned

In the insensitive
Un thought out scheme
But went on our way
Each with our dream

And so it comes to this
For me it was sure
The government’s clueless
I just abhore
The lack of intelligence
And lack of care
On a wonderful animal
Thats so aware

All of these centuries
Its leapt about
Like before the grey suits
Could even spout
Their lies and their ugliness
Which causes this
Terrible calamitous
Taking the pxxx

We walk pass these people
Smile say good day
People who come out at night
To display
Their ugly intent
Their heartless devide
Their delinquentg intention
Deep down inside.

And now its a police matter
Everyone feels
Sad now whats happened
And what it reveals
Is really the arrogance
That is out there
The lack of intelligence
And The lack of care

This beautiful animal
Gifted and left
In an ugly world
With people bereft
Of loving and sharing
Committed they be
To destroying the fabric
Of life constantly.

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