Hunting on Islay

By her own admission
She’s hardcore
Whatever thant means
But for me
Anyone ambushing wild life
Abandons good judgement
We see
beautiful stags
Roaming freely
And wild handsome goats
And to feel
That so called hardcore
Hunting humans
Are out and about
For to steal

Upset my apple cart
Wild souls should be left alone
She in her camouflage outfit
Really how would she have known
Wild souls love life
And she ought to
Put down her rifle for once
And pick up a camera
And smile into it
And not be so much of a dunce

Hunting is wrong
Its so selfish
Denying a creature
A life
Denying all others
The chance just to share
The being
Without causing strife
I cannot forgive such indulgence
Hardcore or not
She for me
Is truthfully and totally honestly
An insult to humanity

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