Egan was really bubbly
As confident as could be
Injunctions every which way
And fracking happily
He was going to get it underway
With well so much ease
But Didnt account for drill and drop
And their expertise

Now not until the 10th
Until a hearing as been heard
The establishment of an emergency plan
We havent heard a word
About that and so rightfully
We need to see what is in place
So thanks to Helen Chuntso
And Bob who sought to chase

The BBC reports
That they drill into the earth
Oh wow
And Cuadrilla says its water and sand
Really That is how
They Forget to mention chemicals
That They use that are really bad
Dangerous carcinogenic
Which is Really very sad

They overlook what genuinely
Is Important to us all
But this is what they are good at
This is how they call
The shots over the people
And the grey suits as well
Take our prime green farming land
And turn it into hell

Egan says nothing to worry about
We are on our way
The gas down there is going
To really help to play
A big part in the UK scene
What the hells he on
But this is what the frackers are
Its all just one big con

The North East and the North West
The sacrifice zones will
End up fully industrialized
The negative equity bill
will weaken the local spirit
and one by one we shall see
People selling out to gas and oil
The new found adversity

Egan and his cuadrilla mob
Will all wake
Up one day
They get their injunctions
And thought we all would play
No more surfers no more lock ons
What they failed to see
its not the clair Perry circus
Is us locals who now be

Up in arms and ready
To fight the good fight we
Are not just going to lie down
And cry adversity
We are primed and ready
To take the buggers on
And nobody is giving up
Until they all are gone

Preston new road.where’s the ladies
Where’s the ribbons where’s the bra’s
All that action and reaction
All those women all were stars
Fighting like the clappers
Slow walking the trucks
Fracking theres no backing
For Their science really SUCKS

4 comments on “Hearing

  1. john Houston on said:

    Thank you , a prolific day :)

  2. What exquisitely profound poetry, on such a happy day.
    Long may your words continue , Rex , even after Mrs May !

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thanks Dee another poem hot off the press three this afternoon and more to come I shall hit them hard the frackers I mean tweeting directly to them too
      And to us all to keep us fired up

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