Have a heart

A disembowelled heart
Is bitten
antagonistic I’d say
A nauseous act
A matter of fact
But hardly a genuine way

Of expressing respect
For a victim
That if not for you
Still would be
A soul in the forest
Living its life
Absorbed by its identity

In this day and age
Carnivores eat
A vast range of flesh
Sanitised and called meat
There is absolutely
No reason to kill
A deer in a forest
Its blood to spill

To then tear its heart
From its body and feel
Its right to bite down on it
Do not conceal
The evil within you
For all you have done
Is created your karma
Under the sun

Contempt is the word
You have now shown
The trust and the care
That so many have known
Such intrusive proximity
I have to say
Social media it is
The meanest display

Of arrogance out there
25 years
The sum of your being
Or so it appears
You feel its right
To take life and be
On social media
For all to see

With A disembowelled heart
And blood everywhere
Its body lies motionless
Wracked with despair
Creation that miracle
You took away
Your guilt seen by all
And For this you will pay

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