Gold standard regulations

Gold standard regulations
Its what Britain is famed for
We saw all that grenfell
That was when the law
Suddenly came unstuck
And the fracking sites now too
Havent got their plans in place
If emergencies come true

Schools are so affected
What are they going to do
The police have got the bodies
But havent got a clue
Armies of them daily
Cross their arms and moan
One surfer on a truck head
He was all alone

And all the police could do there
Was cross arms and look glum
Block the road for hours
Leave us feeling numb
Building up excuses
To throw the man in jail
What if there was a blowout
And methane gas did sail

What would they be doing
What about the schools
What about the fire men
Are their sets of rules
There are many accidents
All around the world
And with all the chemicals
That are being hurled

Gold standard regulations
Thats the cry we hear
All these cowboy out fits
Ringing in our ear
An intellectual pygmy
A mouthpiece for the fight
Advisers on the inside
None of them are right

If there is a circus
Westminster the big top
The CEO’s wheres their accounts
Really its a flop
This whole fracking process
Is not condusive to
Heavily residential areas
And accidents could do

Unbelievable damage
And Greg Clark
Had better see
His political future
Could be ruined actually
Fracking is attacking
The very roots on which we grow
And if there is no protection
It could really be a blow

We need an emergency response plan
All the services they
Must realise the importance
Its paramount I’d say
And it looks like its all rhetoric
Gold standards all the way
Just what Britains famed for
making us all pay

The tory solution
Blame it on someone
Some young tory mouth piece
When the day is done
This fracking lark is dangerous
Look around and see
Places that started to frack
have banned it
For they be

Realizing the fear and pain
The people on the ground
Water air gas everywhere
Noise in it they are drowned
What about the water
What about the frack
What about frack water
When the shit comes back

What about the bore holes
Is that for nuclear waste
What the hell is happening
It now must be faced
We are very likely to be suffering
A lot
If this fracking gets underway
And our life goes all to pot

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  1. Another brilliant poem Rex x

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