Fracking waste

The lies they are telling
Apparently selling
The industry to the those who think
Potable water
It will just about slaughter
The drought ridden counties
On The brink

Is coming be sure it is coming
Present day useage so high
700 percent higher than earlier
It is now reaching the sky
And toxic water again very high
Over 1000 per cent

And has to be disposed of
Down deep injection wells
A permanent loss
How come it sells

As to methane its huge
Leaks into the air
Filthy its dreadful
Are people aware

The police on the front line
The local souls too
Do they really know
Now what this fracking can do

Three brave souls
Languish in some rotten gaol
For surfing on lorries
A terrible tale

The goriest toriest story
Of all
Showing truthfuly ministers
Are not on the ball
Far from it infact
The waste that they cause
If they really knew
They ought bloody well pause

Negative equity
And no insurance
Its terribly serious
Dont people know
All this waste water
Can never be used
For drinking for watering
WE are being abused

Big time by frackers
Its larceny here
Could bring many a tear
To many a cheek
Its coming for sure
Which they have the audacity
Now to ignore

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