Folly’s farm home and rest for Donkeys

I am just one of the donkeys here
But what I have to say
Is we live a life of riley
And love the natural hay
We are just outside of Nettledon
On a road that winds
Its way down from Berkhamsted
And through the woods one finds
A stillness, all those lovely trees
Wild as wild can be
And we are on the right hand side
On a bend where tranquility
It just is there before you
Where I stay with all my friends
Its a place of joy and wonderment
Its what Folly’s sends

Its peacefulness and caring
To all of us each day
We really enjoy the community
And the spirit down our way
Sue she is the lady
Who single handedly
Shares love and affection
She does that beautifully
She senses when we are feeling sad
Or under the weather she
Is really an angel
And we love her tenderly

She always gives us the best food
We lay on organic hay
You see she really cares for us
Every single day
I never have known love before
But we all so feel it here
Sue is always with us
Each day of the year

There are wild plants
On the grassy slopes
And peace and quiet for all
Its lovely when we see visitors
And when children come to call
Its laid back and its carefree
And I just love being here
All those great big open skies.
And the air up here is clear

The companionship we profer
And the hope they instil in me
Cheerfulness in every heart
Its just wonderful to see
For us Sue is quite something
She never seems to tire
Nothing ever phases her
She has that inner fire

That really awesome presence
None of us feel fear
Not now we are at Folly’s
Its just marvellous to be here
Anyone can adopt us
Thats a lovely thought
It helps Sue with the budgets
And then to know we sport
Other peoples caring loving
Sharing it feels great
Its not a lot
Its all the year
And its something To

Little contributions
Do go a long long way
£4 buys a bale of hay.
£10 the supply for all the day
Little contributions
Mean a lot to Sue
And a little local sanctuary
Should mean a lot to you
I hope again next April
You will come and see us all
We will all be waiting
Watching when you call
And every day of rain or snow
Sue is here and she
Never ever stops loving us
Which is why we love to be

Here at Folly’s Farm
Netttledon Road, Berkhamsted,HP42RF
01442 879612

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