Feeling depressed

And unhappiness
It tends to be around
Enervation heartache
As all of us have found
And I do mean everyone
Where ever they now be
Oppression of the spirit
Leads on to misery

Life today is dismal
And many can succumb
To the wretchedness thats out there
To the exhaustion
That can numb
The senses and just make us feel
Defeated and alone
Downhearted and crestfallen
Again we all have known

These negative conclusions
And the reason is because
Those of us who care
And share
Withb a Love that always was
In everybody’s hearts
But can swiftly fade away
When the doldrums come a knocking
and they often do
Thats when depression
Can take hold for all
Its true

Life today comes with
A lot of difficulty
Taut Relations and family
Often make us feel
Especially As we move into
Our autumn years
In our silent moments
We might shed a few tears

and enter melancholias
Self-pitying avenue
We cast a gloomy picture
Down cast and down hearted too
We fail to see the miracles
That we are party to
We lose sight of the colour
And the simplicity on view

When we appear unhopeful
Lacklustre and alone
Seemingky defeated
Just wanting to moan
Its a slippery slope to no where
Prophets of doom are we
Forgetting the part of our life
Thats good
Where we want to be

The smile on a sick childs face
When Her puppy dog comes by
someone who you have brought back to life
Who for many months did sadly lie
White as a sheet and sickening
But with your love and care
They are sitting up and smiling
And are glad that you are there

A fine blue sky above us
The carroling of a thrush
The green leaves all a flutter
Autumn’s cooling blush
The sunlight on your favourite tree
A poem from the bard
A song you like and often play
And when you do work hard

And you feel as though you were valued
When you think its worth a smile
In your head at the moment
And probably for a while
Your heart bleeds for so many
Sleep becomes a chore
Eating you cant be bothered
Life you just ignore

Remember you do have memories
Good ones amongst the bad
When the children were growing up
Ofcourse you have felt sad
But you had the inner fight in you
A nurse a special soul
You know the organic nature
Of each patient and your role
Has always been to care for them
To share a smile or two
And you see the response you get
That strength you have in you

You really are an angel
An angels often will
Find despondency and cheerlessness
But better than a pill
Your hand in theres
So cherished
Again that inner you
Its your commitment your ancestral bond
And really what you do

For others is help to draw their pain
Its not done from adversity
It might become a strain
But you are made of sound stuff
Your live in harmony
Love is what you emanate
Your sage authority

You have that effervescence
About you mindful to
Everything around you
You one of the few
Hopelessness continues
To knock upon your door
But you are on the mountainside
Looking at the farthest shore

All those innermost feelings
Are a big part of the whole
Its easier to hang your head
But you are in control
Your have emotional intelligence
And are conscious of it too
And I feel your inspiration
Its just bursting out of you

Ofcourse the angst and agony
Comes by to say goodday
But look in that mirror of yours
And to those words you say
Yes I endure hardship
Yes I do feel woe
But with all the enchantment
Around me
And the wonderment on show

I can make it I can break this spell
I dont need the clinical stuff
What my mother gave me
Really made me tough
Look at the finer detail
Of a leaf upon a tree
That although most do not notice it
It has such complexity

See everything in good light
Your worthy and its true
You are a healing angel
That is what you do
All angels have a bad time
Their wings get tangled fast
But you my dear are special
And you were made to last

Lots of love

From the old Poet

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