Eye to eye

With your ships with your planes
Your computers
My eyes they see
Through it all
I come from the depths of the ocean
From a place
Where your bombs often fall

With your rockets your micro wave
With the pesticides now everywhere
With your oil slicks and frack water gulleys
I alone face the despair

With your plastics and vile over fishing
You are the larcenists who
Know how to destroy all the goodness
You you alone Do what you do

Eye to eye you are nothing but trouble
Eye to eye you are blind and you know
Your harpoons they take out so many
Where I live the great blood clouds they grow

For every beast hauled from the water
And dumped back when you’ve had your bit
In the depths of the ocean where I live
Its there that we see all the shit

That you lot with all your computers
Your ships and its all in plain sight
Pollute all the world even those bits where you
Live thinking you always are right

I live in the depths of the ocean
In the graveyard where angels Belong
Surfacing just to take oxygen back
So i can just try to stay strong.

Inspired by a facebook tag from Maria Ilanc

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