Disrespecting life.

Scant respect for animals
Created as were we
Uncorrupted and undefiled
Misunderstood they be
Inoffensive their purity
Is clear for all to see
But abandoned in so many ways
By our delinquency

Of aiding and abetting
The farmers and the hands
The slaughtermen the butchers
With their grisly plans
These are sinners
Good for nothings
Who are wicked to the core
Who manhandle and just torture
The victims and whatsmore

For them its just a job ofcourse
In their frustrated state
They take it out on the animals
And as such they berate
Relentlessly despairingly
These perfect caring souls
Its an ego trip how they let rip
They are no more than trolls

Farm animals were abandoned
By creation from the start
Then on into torture
And ofcourse it broke tHeir heart
Abused they were and every day
No one really cared
They were raped and beaten
And sworn at
And very few are spared

Even in the slaughterhouse
There is no respect
They are pummelled they are beaten
They are shocked
And this effect
Is dessertion of a spirit
Its evil and unkind
Such dispicable behaviour
That turns a lovely mind

Away from life and living
To existing in a world
Of anger and of terror
They all feel they are hurled
Into a swamp of darkness
And death perhaps is their
True escape
But why now should it be

Accepted by the carnivores
Bought into and absolved
These animals are in purgatory
And man having not evolved
They suffer fear and wrongness
And nothing they can see
Shame disgrace and ugliness
And criminality
It all goes on and human beings
refuse infact to be
Even when there is evidence
Its below their dignity.

Farm animals are abandoned creations allowed to be brutalized
All their lives so that the ignorant can fill their bodies with flesh and dairy. Wear their skins and furs basically be abused slaves all their lives

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