Cristina Zenato

A women whose integrity
And constancy is there
So much moral fibre
And ofcourse she is aware
Of their place
Within the biosphere
Each and every one
She has honour
And a reverence
For everything she has done

A diver of the ocean
A carer in the sea
With an attention span
Of an angel
Who acts venerably
She feels an obligation
To help those that do need
And gains recognition
Which helps her to succeed

Sharks all them
For Those hooked and uncomfortable
She’s there
Ready to give a helping hand
To an apex predators prayer
How ever streamlined and efficent
However effective they
Sometimes need s helping hand
It can happen any day

One hundred million sharks
Are slaughtered every single year
Caught up in netting no ones letting
Sharks escape its fear
The sharks fin soup fraternity
Distress for them can be
Frighteningly horrible
For what is, incredibly

A total waste of life
Be it by-catch be it mean’t
Shark oil for the capsules
So many lives are spent
On our futile quest for nutrition
All apprently
For human intervention
Which really shouldnt be

This women has made it her life’s work
To care for them to see
Not a monstrous killer
But a saintly soul who be
A predator whose sensitivity
Is far ahead
Of any single human
What ever some have said

She shows each of them due respect
And cares for them
Identifying grief
Helping to remove past hooks
And giving them some relief
To identify those suffering
And their fascinating ways
She admires their sensitivity
And is baffled by their gaze

Their small eyes and the
Echo location everythings all there
Very advanced these beings
And showing them you care
With confidence and admiration
They can understand
Spellbound by her inquisitiveness
And her soft and gentle hand

As she removes the hooks from them
It can be dangerous this
Putting her trust in a wild sharks mouth
She sees their trust as bliss
She knows their every posture
And they pick up on her care
And her desire to help them
And clearly want to share

It does take some audacity
And resoluteness for
Such a situation
Often on the sea floor
With many sharks around her
She shows affection for
What has been drummed into our psyche
A killer making war

But its not the case
Their angst she feels
And their adversity
And she does something about it
With her in built harmony
Its her attitude and manner
Her reciprocity
And sharks can covet caring thoughts
And logicality.

For over twenty years
She’s shown an interest
In their plight
She understands their behaviour
And knows ofcourse whats right
Behaviorally she has it
Right down to a tee
Education and conservation
And what it is to be

The Caribbean Reef sharks
She knows them very well
Her candour and her frankness
Its as if there is a spell
Cast and all are taken
The sharks and Cristina too
She is accomplished and resourceful
And her wisdom just shines through

There is no form of agitation
Her movements in harmony
She loves the energy of the sea
Her superiority
In dealing with each victim
With what is such regard
She has a marvellous aura
That many might work hard

To achieve but never attain

Thank you very much for your dedication
And love of all the sharks you have rescued and saved

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  1. Krystle on said:

    Wow amazing woman. Amazing job. Amazing hobby.

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