This is infact the world today
For baby cows
Just thrown away
In paper sacks
Like refuse they
Are going to their deaths

This is Columbia
But ofcourse
Calves here also
Feel the force
Of profitablity
Of the trade
In dairy
Balance sheets
All this is weighed
Up against creative force
And the dairies
They do win ofcourse

Male calves are collateral
They have to die
Look into their eyes
You Milk supping shy
Do you love custard?
Think its the tops
Double cream
All that death
As one after another
We deny them a breath

Or should I say our breath
Making them pay
Just collateral damage
At the end of the day
What margin is added
To the retail sales
For the factor of all these
Unwanted males
Whether bagged up or loaded into
Having their throats slashed
And all care of YOU

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