Australia and all nations of the world

You don’t need a PHD
In Science to
Understand the principles
We see
All this geo engineering
Everywhere in every sky
The arrogance
The desperation
It does more than mystify

People looking up
Seeing curling swathes
of smoke
Coming out of industry
We know that its no joke
The vast pig farms
The flesh trade
Wallers wallowing in shit
Great lakes of putrid
And there it has to sit

Rotting & the animals
Who made it fart all day
And the methane
It is rising
And blowing us all away
The temperatures are rising
The ice caps soon will be
No more really at this rate
Just open your eyes
And see

Trees being torn to smithereens
For palm oil and paper they
Provided us with oxygen
Our lungs were so to say
Felled cut down demolished
To make way for houses and
Commodities for profit
Stolen from the land

And then ofcourse the mining
Of huge amounts of coal
Or oil and of uranium
Really where is our soul
And now we see the fracking
Attacking all we know
Our precious air and water
And forever it does grow

Really how does the world work
The science is unclear
Methane and the C02
More and more and fear
It really makes no bloody sense
To create this miasma here
We have solar wind and geo forces
That much is now clear

Renewables are the answer
Not filthy fracking we
As a nation are creating
So much purgatory
The wrath of taint and poison
Of plastic derived from oil
Of glypohosate and worse to come
For all our collective toil

The obscenity of corporatocracy
The rich few call the toss
Whilst we all sink in excrement
And methane its our loss
The seas are rising gradually
The weather is extreme
We have fucked up thats for certain
And are not allowed to dream

Everything is a nightmare
Of arrogance and we
Are promised new technology
Its all SMART we can see
5g and !ED lighting
Noxious weaponry
Everywhere we care to look
Its true its cruelty

To animals to peoples to the air to the land
To ocean to the creatures everywhere
To ourselves to every single living creature
We are clearly doomed our beautiful planet
Gifted to us all being plundered daily

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