A romantic carriage ride

A romantic carriage ride
With ones lady by your side
Holding hands together
But nobody cares whether

The horse that does the pulling
Is up for it today
And sadly in this heat we are having
The poor horse is made to pay

Down he goes not another step
His gait was limp and bad
All this work and no water
And no new hay he had

The old barn he would stand
When not pulling this thing
This bloody heavy carriage
Really didnt bring

One iota of happiness
It was desolate and damp
Rats ran almost everywhere
And not a working lamp

So standing in the darkness
For hours on end until
Going back to work the streets
Until I had had my fill

And down I went I couldnt do it
Anymore and I
Thought it best to just collapse
And on the street just lie

Let them take the reins and bridle
Off of me just so I
Could breathe a few last breaths at last
And then just blooming die

Think before you expect another soul to cart you around
At the behest of man UN kind

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