Walls of nets

The self-centred
Wrapped up in themselves
Egotistic louts
Uncharitable and mercenary
That leave me with no doubts
Out to kill
To maim to torture
To catch
To profit by
Destruction of whoever
Whoever happens by

Drift net fishing
Believe it
Its as heinous as can be
Its not being concerned at all
Of life and hiw it be
Creation gave us miracles
With wondrous powers of thought
And we just throw it all away
And put it down to sport

Fishing using walls of nets
And lines that are miles long
Hanging vertically in the water column
A child would know how wrong
That is but it is happening
All around the world
They have the nerve to call themselves
Fishermen and have hurled
Their evil into the deep sea
Their violence and their sin
These are innocent wild souls
Can you hear the din?

The screaching and the screams
The terrible shouts of pain
Its happening in the oceans
Again and again and again
And its done they say for profit
For their wages yes of sin
Murdering indiscriminatly
Their excuses wearing thin
There are so many victims
Innocent as can be
Living wild in true pursuits
Underneath the sea
Caught up in these entanglements
These filthy trapping nets
That tighten as you wriggle
Taking on their debts

A principle of evil
Its breaking every natural law
Its complete depravity
They clearly leave their brains at home
And, their common sense
Thrown into a cesspool
Useds as their defence

Its devilry its vileness
Its transgression ever low
Unvirtuous and wicked
Whats going on below
Trapped and tied in knots
They are by -catch yes its vast
Creation made these miracles
And fisherman let blast

Murdering anything coming
Stressing them at will
Soaking them in their own blood
What a way to kill
The angels of the deep
Creations power and care
Slaughtered just like criminals
In these dark nets of despair

And when they are examined
By these ugly fishermen
Much is judged unwanted
You have to ask them when
Do you lot shit for brains
Get onto
Such a lowly state
Murdering sharks and turtles
At An alarming rate

There is no excuse on earth
For this
Its unpardonable and wrong
Its unworthy for any human
Who thinks he does belong
On this earth with the angels
When he himself is so
Bloody awfully cretinous
And to hell he ought to go

Yes he himself should feel the wrath
Of the nets around his thighs
Strangling him just as he moves
The pain that blinds his eyes
The blood that chokes his spirit
Let these bastards think
As the nets grow ever tighter
And take them to the brink

calfornia carries on
Leaving these nets about
Clearly dead from the neck up.
they cannot hear the shout
The screams the frightening scenario
As sharks and whales are lost
As squids and beautiful tropical fish
Have to pay the cost

Thrown out into the water
Eyes open but they cant see
All dead to the coean
To rot in perpetuity
Wasted lives because of lazy mindless people who
Think creation owes them a living
In the blue

The innocent pay highly
For the arrogance of those
Who probably cannot spell the word
But does niw i suppose
realise the torment the agony
The by catch all the dead souls
That really loved life so

Realused but fails to card
Blames everything but still
Carries on being shitty
I have had my fill
Of their aiding and abetting
Of their misdoings and their sin
Of the enormity and atrocity
And so now I begin

To call them out
To make them see
The error of their ways
Unless they are degenerates
In which case i do raise
An objection to their being
And all seeing for they ought
To be buried at the bottom
Of the sea bunged up with salt

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