The COYOTE and Canada Goose

Canada Goose
A company that doesnt think enough
It knows about its balance sheet
And, sometimes things get tough
But as to the wild creatures
That live and share the earth
These companies are too miserly
They do see their worth

Faux down and faux fur
Its just too costly
When there is an abundance
Of live souls
Why go out and buy, the new synthetics
The people there all have their different roles
Their parsimoniousness character is no quality
Their marketing though better, it would seem to me
A total lack of compassion
In their fashion
Which does upset the apple cart
You see

Their ethic is too frugal little empathy
They would rather raise the anti and be done
Encouraging local hunters to kill coyotes
Some of these trappers think that death is fun
Leg-hold traps are really very wicked
For Canada Goose to turn there great big eyes
Away from all the suffering they are causing
Must mean that sleep at night for them they prize

Their opulence is clearly on the table
Their lack of understanding of the wild
Creatures that creation shared with joyousness
For them their judgement is now of a child
Not thinking straight and bringing down the purpose
Of selling coats to keep the winter out
Waging war on the precious old coyote
A remarkable fellow putting it about
Showing them aggression doesnt help the case
With trappers on their books and cruelty
Just because its alleged there are Too many
That you lot think you can muscle in and be

Coyotes are amazingly territorial
They hang together like partners in crime
Kill them or start purging them
And they retaliate
They breed more
Ans their litter numbers climb
Also they are amaingly intelligent
To live out in the wilderness
Their need
Is to be on their metal
In tune in with what they do
And that means in a nutshell they succeed

Encroaching into the wildness
When habitats are set
Closer to the populace
Then ofcourse a debt
Can build up and then surely
We as humane souls
Should be out there fighting for them
Helping them score goals

The great big mother so protects
Her children!
The feral souls and those that live away
Need all that help of getting through a period
An allocated further it Does pay
Some coyotes do get mange but its no problem
Their own dogs wont catch this if you ask me
But trapping them and murdering them
Has to stop today
Its rotten through and through
And ocfourse it won’t allay
The numbers its the mother
She bountifully agrees
Created life is necessary life
Its like the birds and bees

We are all together
Tribes all side by side
Animals and people
Each wanting to hide
Sometimes in the forest
Sometimes by the sea
But whenever we go hide ourselves
Someone will come and be

Ready to take our lives away
Poachers with no esteem
No animal fur should ever be used
And any fashion team
Has to have the whereforall
To realize the score
Goose down and hunting
Is outside the ways of law

The sadness is these companies
Their lack of wonder is
That They have lost their admiration
And Have lost the fizz
Its gone out of their working lives
No magic there at all
Killing is their only way
WitH so many now on call

Not an ounce of humility
Its offensive still to hear
That the coyote is considered
Vermin and its clear
The vermin in the management
Of those companies who share
The ignorance and malice
For every creature there

Vanity the real fur collar
Puffed-up chest and all
A self Assurance really
That with an overhaul
Of manufacturing process
Live animals seemingly
Are out there to be exploited
By their immodesty.

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