Taiji 24/9 Risso’s

The banging boats they just came in
Clearly some had heard the din
They succumbed and all were there
Unlike the heathens unaware
The japanese speak up on zen
In every million perhaps ten
The rest are demons in disguise
A bit like all the taiji guys

A group of seven
That was all
5 were taken the adults
The rule
Of thumb
The babies cast Way
To be dumped at sea
This very day

The elders taken
And pithed and killed
Judging by the blood thats spilled
Under the tarps a crimson mass
Thats when you see really how crass
The japanese are they Take them back
out to sea Despite the flack
no family no body no one to care
Shark bait probably its not fair

But the japanese out of taiji
Are never fair it seems to me
They are just clearly trolls all through
When you watch just what they do
Nothing phases them they are just
Inhuman humans as needs must
Slaughter the name of their game
And the babies get well just the same

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