Prosciutto code of conduct

Decency is clearly banned
In this place all can see
The unwarranted display of what
Is utter cruelty

These pigs are being
Tortured being kept in squalid ways
Broken down and frightened
Its just like a malaise

A madness and irreverence
You cant believe your eyes
These were beautiful caring pigs
This you cant disguise

But kept in awful conditions
As squalid as they can be
Unflatteringly disrespectful
To the whole family

Unworthy to be farmers
Wicked in a way
That takes all of these lovely souls
And casts them far away

Into a darkly basement
Into corridors of sin
Absolutely filthy dirty
And the dreadful din

Of animals all screaming
Belching out their awe
This is evil doing
Its just like a war

Unvirtuous and immoral
Callous through and through
Vulgar and perverted
Doing what they do

Its scandalous to see this
In this day and age
I dont know about you carnists
But I am in a rage

A vegan sitting through this
Whilst carnists look away
Or refuse to see what they now cause
On any given day

The Meat Trade is a murder trade
And here we see it well
The pigs are suffering terribly
Its no lie this is HELL

Beaten around the snout with bars
Pregnant sows are too
Shaking in a mortal flight
And to have to view

This really shocking footage
ITaly hang your heads in shame
If this is what prosciutto involves
Then consumers take the blame

TV bloody chefs wake up
To what these people do
This is criminality
Its obscene and very few

Viewers would now want to see
And hear the goings on
How the piglets are treated
Where has purity gone

Clearly out of the window
Such transgression here
The Law must step in right away
And cut through all this fear

“ESsere animali
was there and on the case
The Ancona Public office
Can see all this is base

Sledgehammers used on sickly pigs
To kill them what a crime
Over and over they bash them
Yes time after time

Their squeals would wake the dead up
This is never the way
To treat the beautiful pigs
Its the meat trade that must pay

Kicked and dragged and pummelled
Violence everywhere
Not a break in all of this
A build up of despair

Of wretchedness of everything thats
Bad now anywhere
Buckets full of piglets
Its just to much to bear

Cannabalism apparent
Chewing each others ears
This is a horror story
The worst I have seen for years

The men here need bull whipping
A good hiding too I’d say
Close the bloody place down now
Let no one walk away

Italy vile buggers
Eat your palma ham
Lick your filthy dirty lips
As more of it you cram

Inside your desecrated gut
Swollen from the dirt
The maggots and the oozing pus
Now covered by your shirt

There is something very wrong here
Its all rotten to the core
Inspections they mean nothing
All this blood and gore

All this immorality
And unrighteousness
All this bloody mischief
And this awful mess

Everywhere is filthy
Food animals they be
Drenched in piss and feces

They look aghast and terrified
There is no pity here
Just ramped up bloody cruelty
Seen from ear to ear

If you eat this so called special ham
My hope is that you choke
The spitefulness and viciousness
The way the sows they poke

With metal rods and fingers
For them an unholy sty
Nothing but murdering ruffians
And my ask here is why

Soon they will be on a plastic tray
And in your bag
Spread out on the table
By some old meat hag

The repugnance of the situation
The abhorrence of this trade
Bolstered by the butchers
And the chefs all of them weighed

In to give this ugly business
Legs to carry on
It is an abomination
One bloody great big con

Go and see it happening
Open your miserable eyes
Its all about the profit
From these wild audacious guys

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