On gossamer wings

butterflies often have highs
And They need a sodium hit
And natures knows best
When put to the test
All butterflies do is to sit
On the eyes of the turtles
And tell them
Sad stories
So sad, that they cry
They then lap up their tears
And that appears
To settle them down by and by

Butterflies are very careful
They sup with the greatest respect
As the cool salty tear
Enters its clear
Its bounty passed to the insect
It feels in itself like an angel
Repaying the dear butterfly
For all of the stories
They are telling
And they do it gill the day
That they die

Its a balance and gives them an earthing
Centres them gives them a way
To rise to the heavens
And fall to the depths
And always be there everyday
To offer and aid every flyer
Who might come to grief in the sky
More yang and less yin
Helping them a
In the mineral markets
On high

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