Monkey business

Imagine the wildness
A jungle the family
Ones very existence
Companionship where
Everyone shows off
All their socialness
Such affability all being there

Gatherings visitings
Parties and re-unions
Freedom is bursting
As is the play
Climbing and miming
And just acting ape like
That joy emanates from
Us all everyday

Thats until trappers
Come by with their cages
For ages we wondered
What we might do
Humiliated even sedated
All very forbidding
It really was true

Loaded aboard a great crate
And flown northwards
Over the mountains and over the trees
Into a country where experimentation
Goes on and is terrible
Nauseous treatments
That seize

Our bodies and strap us
In cages so badly
And sadly my anger flies
Out of me, I
Die in that monent of realization
On me and why

Pump me with
Vaccines from some other monkey
Loaded with germs and bacteria, he
Died I hear yesterday poor little blighter
Now all of his shit they have pumped into me

Humans believe they are magickal people
Humanity reckons itself so I hear
Arrogance strong arms their visionary aspects
And what I am suffering now from its clear
It isnt fair for them doing these treatments
Making me sick at the drop of a hat
Giving me thinners to make my blood faster
In this cage in such pain is where I’m now at

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