Lost in a plastic bag

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Called to a bag
on a pavement
Cries coming from it
so they
Went off to find it
Poor little soul
And he was crying all day

Thin and emaciated
an injured hip
Terrible mange
But could he let rip
With Tears and emotion
Clearly in pain
Unsure and worried
Life seemed invain

Collected and cared for
Loved every day
Fed and look after
In six weeks the way
He looked was a miracle
His skin perfectly
Softened and cared for
He jumped avidly

His new name was “jumper”
Yelping away
Loved by the angels
Oh he loved to play
Tenderness care and generosity
Brought the dog back
And now what we see

A completely new fellow
It just goes to show
What love and affection
Can do and you know
He actually looks happy
And playful as well
“Jumper” was lucky
Finding heaven from Hell

2 comments on “Lost in a plastic bag

  1. Linda Ann Reynolds, Ed.S. on said:

    Thank You for Saving Jumper. These are Amazing Creations who contribute to what makes this world beautiful and whole. Blessings to You All and Jumper♥️ linda.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thankyou Linda for seeing my poem and for jumper such a beautiful joyful soul brought back by the angels by the true angels

      Thanks for visiting the blog that my life.ine to the world


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