JApan TV
Thinks its real good to see
Dolphin consumers around
In the Faroes thats not far from england
Where one of their reporters was found

Getting to grips with the culture
Traditional dancing at night
Talking up grinds and stereotype minds
Where Tradition and culture are right

That is what gets to the islanders who eat it
Despite all the fear
mongering we
the mercury
Which comes from the sea and its clear

everyone shares in the bounty
Care of the great pilot whale
Who all perish there killed on the beaches
And none of its ever on sale

So they now understand it is free on demand
And they dont give a damn what we think
Diseases they play down those stories as false
Making out there is no link

Minamata was something that happened
It has nothing to do with today
All of that stuff happened so long ago
Thats what the japanese say

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