Infections and the ignorant meat trade

If your parents ate it
You are eating it too
But why would we eat animals
And farm them
But its true

They are raised artificially
And fed on god knows what
And pumped up with the antibiotics
Which up to that point
We also got

Its doesnt take a great brain
To realise if we
Get some bad infection
That the antibiotic key
To whether they will help us
Is whether we eat meat
And whether its been given
Anti biotics maybe to treat

An infection or to help it gain weight
Profits all the time
Not a prophet anywhere
But as long as profits climb
BIG PHARMA just gets bigger
Flogging their dead horse
To doctors serving animals
And yes us lot of course

So the farmers they earn more money
BIG PHarma earns it too
The meat trade make a killing
But what of me and you?
If we get infections
What are we to do?

Whilstle for the consultant
As the infection grows
Shame we wasnt vegan
That thought, I do suppose
Will hit all these carnists
But now I understand
They are looking into wild bears mouths
Hoping now to land
Wilderness bug killers
Drop some spittle in
To oil and see if it kills the bugs
Then we all can tin
The wild bear gob
BIG PHARMA will start then to get rich
As will all the doctors
Be sure that they will pitch
Into earn their money
And all exclusively
As long as we can pay for it
Then healthy we will be

Go vegan dont subsidize the BLOODY Meat Trade

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