Iceland 17 babies

Living in the darkness
Inside their mothers they
The baby whales
Are being cared for
Really night and day

Their unpreparedness
Unlicked and deep inside
And when their mother
Needs that breath
There is no place to hide

The harpoon comes like crazy
The mother torn apart
Inside her organs ruptured
She has a broken heart

She knows her babies finished
Nothing she can do
Both their lives are over
Swept from the ocean blue

Dragged onto the whaler
And pulled across the sea
Blood draining every which way
Her baby how is he

Dying in that moment
That miracle of life
Slaughtered by the whaling man
Creator of such strife

Abandoned in that awful strike
Unequipped to feel
The agony of losing
Imagine that appeal

All these beautiful babies
Content to wait life out
Are slaughtered in a moments pique
And thats without a doubt

And back upon the flensing dock
The butchers realize
They have a pregnant female
Dead before their eyes

They butcher and rip the babe out
Away as quickly they
Dispose of that poor little mite
They just throw it away

To date its happened 17 times
New life lost, japan
Is as guilty as the day is long
And so now man to man
they give iceland this market place
And the whaler he sees fit
To murder any whale he sees
He does not care a bit

The loss of life of futures
For each endangered whale
Is honestly abusive
And so beyond the pale
My heart is beating faster
As I write these words today
All those little babies lost
It should never have been the way

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