Iceland 131 and 132

“Whale”9 is back
With 131 and 132
They killed
These beautiful
Endangered souls
Their precious blood they spilled
Out into the ocean
This supremely sensitive beast
To be dragged back to the flensing docks
And at some time be a feast

For the japanese who love to get their teeth
Around the fluke
And a bit of belly
Its enough to make me puke
But they just love to see fin whales
In their plates and bowl
A renewable marine source
loftsson says
Hardly a thoughtful soul

If iceland can jail its bankers
Why not its whalers too
WitH whale watching from the city
Its a pity thats not true
He might have started whaling
On his fathers boat
But he has no idea what he’s talking about
When it comes to things of note

These beautiful whales the second largest
Animal in the sea
He sacrifices for a pittance
Just so he can be
King of the bloody whalers
The whaling man supreme
Thats his role thats his goal
And he lives his dream.

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