Iceland 1 and 2

I can sadly see him now
On his father boat
13 years old
As pleased as punch
Thats what someone wrote

The new season has started
The first two victims killed
And slung across the Hvalur ship
Their blood being spilled

Creating a wake of blood and guts
For seabirds on the fly
The karmic trail of evil
And people asking why

Its all to please the Japanese
Who love the fin whale fluke
Who eat the belly
In a kind of jelly
Which is enough to spook

Any caring diner
Who happened to sit near
Anyone scoffing fin whale
Endangered dont you hear

You can almost hear the mighty sounds
Of the whale screaming in pain
As exploding grenade bombs
Deep inside them very clearly gain

Compass over the baleen
The scoffer of the fish
Loftsson has got that one wrong
Perhaps its just a wish

These whale are filter feeders
They have no teeth to chew
So its only very little fish
Loftsson thus askew

Lets give thanks to creation
For the miracle we see
To make a whale is amazing
But Loftsson crazily

Kills them in a short time
He is senseless to be sure
Following in his fathers footsteps
Perhaps for evermore

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